The Moment of a Breath

A moment of trust

The scent of knowing

​Eyes that speak

A moment of watching

Running, playing, sleeping

​The peace of touch

A moment of giving

The hearts are matted

Time increasing, yet seizing

A moment of parting

Grief, aching, weeping

Too brief, shattered heart

A moment to reminisce

The time for understanding

​Celebration of life, love, sharing

The moment offered

Cherished, held, understood

Boundless joy, undeniable sadness

A moment with me

Forever taken, always treasured

​Too soon, farvel!

The Storm

Breeze capturing quivering petals

​Electric pulses sizzling sting

​Moisture resting releasing expecting

Fiery flames pulsate, ignite.

Blooming blossoms gently sway,

Veins of fury striking triumphant

Spilling liquid gathers relinquishing

Sparkling embers branding burning

​Nigh air surrendering calm...

Adventure ©

 Often I dream of adventure
Where passion and splendor soothes my surrender
My body aches with an unrest
That leaves me breathless at best
And inspires my ghost to come forward releasing my essence of euphoria 

I shake and tremble with lavish display
To bring forth my spirit and allow it to play 
Your touch upon me brings together an assemblage of ripples
That collides in my center and prepares to do battle upon my soul

I cannot stop the struggle inside me
I must continue with the riding of the waves
Until the tide has completely risen
Allowing the release of my tension
When the passion has risen and the ghost is relaxed
In a tumult of indecision.