The Living Miracle A Love Story

Meet the Characters

This is a time of peace, across our land. 

Those who follow God, are in hiding.


Dr. Izanagi Okamura – Master Okamura is the protagonist.  He is a man, afraid to die.  He believes his mind is far superior –to even a God.  Surviving years, with the transplantation of synthetic organs –he must create life, before it is too late.  Izanagi is from Japan, but comes to America at a young age.
Hiroto Okamura – Hiroto is the grandson of Master Okamura.  He is the heir to the financial power, that is -Center of Life. 

I chose Hiroto as my Hero’s name, from the lead male in a Japanese drama.  I loved the drama, and the actor. 
Okamura comes from a student I had, from Japan –whose last name was the same.  She was a sweet girl, and her name has just stayed with me.

La’Besa Okamura – L4-13354 - La’Bessa is the living miracle.  She began as a non-living, synthetic humanoid, a Mosouka.  God gives her life.  The book explains how I used the numbers to make her name.

Ayumu Okamura –The father of Hiroto.  Japanese male, raised in America. Ayumu does not have the mental gift of his father, or son.  His primary job is growing synthetic organs used for transplants. 

Aska Okamura – The father of Hiroto Japanese woman, raised in Japan. Aska loves money –and all it will provide.

Tekuku –She specializes in Physics and Biological Sciences, from Standford University, in the year 2553.  Tekuku is a Japanese student, who studies under Izanagi.  Later, she becomes one of the founders, of Center of Life.  She is a transfer student from Japan.

Alex Brunsman – Leading anchor for World News, located in Germany.  Alex is perfect, in every sense of the word.  He works out, and dresses to impress. 

I used the name Brunsman –for my nephew.

General Whittington – Military leader, working with LAMBS.   He is a hard man, and believes war should be fought with a military forced. 

General Whittington is the father of Peyton –in my mind.  He was a hero to Peyton, so he is a hero to me.  He also personifies, my hero –my dad!

Dr. Josiah Scott – The doctor that discovers who La’Besa really is.  Josiah quickly becomes attached to La’Besa, and struggles with where those emotions are leaving him. 

Josiah is the name of a boy who died from DIPG.

Dr. Trabone – A leader of  LAMBS

Father Garcia – Pastor at the Las Lajas Cathedral, in Columbia. 

Garcia is a name I used for personal reasons.

Faith Harper Okamura – Daughter of La’Besa and Hiroto.  

Harper is the middle name of my great niece.

Adaline – A maid, guardian of the living miracle. 

Adaline is the name of my boys’ wife.  I love you Allen!  We took Allen in as a teenager –and he’s been one of my own since.

Aiden – Dr. Trabone’s brother –and the boy who nearly kills La’Besa.

Aiden is another boy who died from DIPG.

Dr. Barton – A German scientist, who studies miracle on Bare Mountain

Dr. Ostik – Israeli leader of Muslim extremist group, known as IN SHA’ ALLAH.

Brother Russo –One of the last remaining monks.  He lives at the oldest, living, Christian monastery, St. Francis. 

My husband works for a monestary –Sisters of St. Benedict.  The monks have a college in the next town over.  I guess you’d say they are dear to my heart.

Lucy – The wife of a LAMBS marine.  She takes part in the experiment to give birth to a live baby. 

Simple –my wonderful daughters name.

Sagal – Somalian woman, dying from the deadly disease BFT.

Bettina, Audo – Employees of World News. 

Bettina is the name of a friend from Germany.  I miss her, since she went back.

Melgart Hagdad –Leader of SBMAL.

L3-67891 & L3-55537 & L2-99999 – Mosouka’s that help Hiroto on his experiments.

Axton – Faith’s husband. 

My youngest boys name.



Mosouka – A lifeless being – made from synthetic tissue.  They form in the birthing unit next to their human twin.  At the time of birth, a small computer is inserted into the base of their neck, and their bodies begin to function as any human, except they lack life.

LAMBS – life abundant, miraculously begotten through sanctity.  Followers of Christ.

Center of Life – or CofL, is where all life is born, whether human or synthetic. 

Creation Amalgamation - The union of believers who denied the existence of God in the spiritual form, and believed that man was a god.  Specifically, the Master Izanagi Okamura.

TAMPAD – (bubble cup) I type of tampon, designed by Hiroto, when La’Besa starts her period.  Since, women do have their menstrual cycle –it is misused as a bubble cup, for patients and children.

IN SHA’ ALLAH – translates to “If Allah Wills.”  This is a Muslim extremist group that fights with their words, not their hands.

SBMAL – Science Believes Man Alone Lives – Two men, attending Harvard, do not want Hiroto to close the study of synthetic life.  Like Master Okamura, they want to live forever.  

The Chapel on the Rock - Located in Allenspark, Colorado, at the foot of Mt. Meeker.

Las Lajas Cathedral - Built inside the canyon of the Guáitara River, in Columbia.

Bandeja Paisa – National dish of Columbia. It consists of Paisa Pinto Beans (Frijoles Paisas), white rice (Arroz Blanco), Powdered Beef (Carne en Polvo), Fried Pork Belly (Chicharrones), Chorizos (spicy Spanish pork sausage), fried eggs (sunny side up), pantainsor (Tajadas de Platano)(a type of unsweet banana), Hogao (a sauce made with round onions, long green onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper), served with lime and avocado.

Notre Dame du Haut -located in Ronchamp, France.  The church was built upon the hill of Bourlémont near Belfort in Eastern France.

San Thome Basilica - located in Portuguese, India

Diocese of Mogadishu – once located in Somalia, but ceased to exist in 1924.  With the return of God, the hidden secret society of Somalian Christians, are rebuilding. (I hope one day –this last part, will be true.)

Love Forgotten – A novel written by Donna D. Vaal – soon to be released.

BFT – A deadly infection, secreted through the glands.  There is no known cure.  It spreads through all bodily fluids: sweat, saliva, and sexual glands. (Fiction)