I Whisper Words of Thought

As a child, raised by a Master Sargeant in the Air Force, I visualized the world through my imagination.

I consider myself to be like the story, "Puff the Magic Dragon."  Sitting among the living, I appeared to be just another child.  If you looked close, you would see that my eyes were glazed and my mind was no longer a part of those around me.

As I got older, I would lie awake at night, for hours creating stories.  During the long days, I waited impatiently to return back to the cool sheets and the lands of my creation.

The day came; I discovered the joy in sharing my stories.  Words jumbled with each other and somehow came together creating a new place and time.


For your joy, I bring my imagination to life with striking details.  I still like to hide in the world that was "Puff," but now my magic is here for you to read.

Ah...the joy I receive in sharing.  Join me, and step into my story!

Donna D. Vaal

This is my story!

“The Living Miracle is like no other.”

“…hard to put down.”

“Both religious readers and secular followers will find The Living Miracle an intriguing and gripping story of an all-too-possible future altered by one miracle that stands alone as the flame to a bigger fire of hope.”

by: D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Cover Not Yet Completed!

Anticipated Release - January 2016


Lives in French Lick, Indiana.